Tarkarli Trip


Journey: Awesome start to new year with friends Reaching there: From Pune to Trakarli its about 400 kms. But it takes almost 9-10 hours to reach by road. As we were in a group of 10 people with three kids we decided to do the journey in two parts. Starting from Pune in evening around 6 pm…we reached Kolhapur by 10 pm and did a night halt. Next day early we started from Kolhapur post breakfast. We reached Tarkarli by lunch. From Kolhapur to Tarkarli it took around 4 hours with two small breaks.

Stay: We booked a homestay at Maachli (one of the top rated home stays on TripAdvisor)  . Its beautifully designed huts and serene atmosphere makes you feel just sooo close to nature.  Owner Mr.Samant told us he was a chemist by profession but now running this venture is his full time passion and work. His passion can be easily seen in the minute details he has tried to address while making this place. From the relaxing chairs outside your hut or a wooden bridge to cross so as to reach the place, all looks just perfect in place. Icing on the cake is the home cooked Malavani food. The ladies of the house make the food in traditional way. Food is cooked on mud stove that gives a distinctive flavor and aroma to the food. Food is served next to water stream on banana leaf or leaf plate. The best part is the kitchen is accessible to you if you wish cooking something specific for the younger ones. The place is bit far from the beach. So choose this place if you travelling by your own car else conveyance might be an issue. Though we saw lot of local buses running quite frequently in the area. There is lots of other accommodation near the beach. If proximity to beach is your thing then nothing better then MTDC resorts.

IMG_2610 IMG_2616

Sightseeing Ours was two night stay.

Day 1: We reached Kudal around 2 pm. After a delicious lunch we relaxed a bit. Then we went to Bhogwe Beach (Devbaugh). Its a sangam ( here Karli river joins Arabian Sea) . Its very clean and not at all crowded. Sunset is equally peaceful here.

IMG_2756 IMG_2632 IMG_2807IMG_2789 IMG_2663 IMG_2661

Day 2: The first part of the day was spent at Sindhudurg Fort. Not to mention its a fort built by Maharaj Shivaji to strengthen his navy. The interesting story told by the guide there was that they are the descended of people who served Shivaji. At present there are around 15 families living there. They earn their livelihood by doing some kind of work at the fort itself… like guide or may be running a food stall. These people stock food before monsoon coz during monsoon time the river is so harsh that they cannot cross it and thus have to stay at fort during those 4 months. Even if somebody is ill during that time they have to take medicine locally available at fort. All in all it was a pleasant experience. After this we headed for lunch at Athiti Bamboo.. its quite famous local food joint. For vegetarians is just okay… nothing great but for non vegetarians it was a delight. If interested in water sports you can do snorkeling and scuba diving too. After this we reached Tarkarli beach. As expected it was just too crowded and was not that clean. But its surely a long beach. You can spot lots of star fish coming on the shore. We even spotted a dead stingray fish. Towards the end of the day we came back to our lovely cozy huts…amidst mango orchard and beetle nut trees. Day 3: This was a full day road trip towards Pune with a happy bunch of people and just so talkative kids. The travel was fun listening to unimaginable stories coming out of these little mouths 🙂

Some Tips: 1) If time permits make a three day stay… its worth it. 2) Carry your own booz. 3) Carry your medicines and insect repellent.


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