Bungee Jump @ Hrishikesh

Can everything be described in words or captured in camera???? I’m sure not. This was the most unplanned thing we did on our second marriage anniversary in the year 2010 ( though the whole ten days road trip was super unplanned). We arrived Hrishikesh thinking we would do some rafting. Sadly due to rains and rise in water level rafting was closed 2 days back. Then we scanned other activities we could do… that was all usual stuff like camping ,trekking etc.. with one exception BUNGEE JUMP (at JUMPIN HEIGHTS). After reaching their office we got bit dubious as they had started operations just a few months back and we being one of the initial jumpers added more to that anxiety. Other activities like flying fox and giant swing were still under planning phase. But somehow we decided to give a try or at least go and look at the place from where they actually operate. And may be if we don’t like we can change our mind at any point of time. To our surprise they were quite organised.

We took their a/c coach to reach the place. After going there we were to fill some forms and pay for the jump. Not to mention it is the highest ( height 83 mts /272 ft) and the only fixed platform jump in India. You are guided by very experienced staff and they even demonstrated a jump for us ( just to make us believe that it is not that scary). Then we were all geared up with safety equipments. The view from the platform was amazing but i had a mixed feeling ( excited, anxious and don’t know…). And then it was the jump i was waiting for last few hours. It was the most exhilarating experience … and i wish to do it one more time from a greater height.

For sure if i had planned the trip this would have never been in my list. It’s rightly said that somethings are done best unplanned 🙂

I hope these guys are still maintaing their safety standards. Also would like to mention here that the video of the jump was not so good so even if you avoid taking video you will not loose anything but will save some money 😉 . But rest all was just worth it.

So may be next time you visit Rhishikesh for peace and tranquility don’t forget to give yourself some adrenaline rush .

P.s. Don’t forget to collect your goodies after the jump.



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