DOES your morning starts too with cornflakes and bread? AFTER every few days while chit chatting with your friends you emphasise on the need of healthy breakfast? ARE you really able to put up a healthy bowl of breakfast every morning without much fuss???

IF you nod to anyone of the above and need to tweak your breakfast recipe a bit then here’s is my latest experiment… But i am unable to name it yet… so any naming suggestions are welcome 🙂

To make you need:

1 cup flattened rice (poha)

1 cup Puffed rice (murmura)

2 tsp poppy seeds

2 tsp flaxseeds

2 tsp sesame seeds (white)

3 tsp roasted peanuts

1 tsp honey

about 1/4 cup of dry fruits  chopped ( apricots, walnuts, almonds, pistachio , cashew, etc)

some fresh fruit (optional)

1.5 cup fresh buttermilk

salt and black pepper to taste

How to make:

To begin with roast flattened rice in a pan for around 2-3 mins on medium flame until it turns light pink and is crispy. Take it out in a dish.

Than roast puffed rice on medium flame so that it is crispy ( it should not take more than 2-3 mins). Put this in a dish with puffed rice.

Now separately roast poppy seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds for a minute or less each on medium flame ( this is just to ensure there is no extra moisture and they are crunchy when eaten).

Mix all these and peanuts with flattened rice and puffed rice.

unnamed (1)

Now add honey and give a quick mix.

Add dry fruits and fresh fruits and mix well.


Now add fresh buttermilk to this and mix properly. You can add salt and black pepper as per your taste.

Serve immediately.

unnamed (3)

Some handy tips:

You can keep the dry stuff i.e. puffed rice, flattened rice, poppy seeds , sesame seeds, flax seeds and peanuts after roasting in an air tight container. Then you may add other stuff as per your requirement

This recipe has loads of health benefits.. it zero oil, with goodness of flax seeds and poppy seeds which usually do not form part of regular diet.

Add dry fruits and fresh fruits as per your taste.

In summers especially in India consuming buttermilk in breakfast gives the much needed coolness to your body.


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