Around London

Cosmopolitan,Pricey,Vibrant,Busy,Touristy…..uuummmm i think i am falling short of words now.

It is one of the places where i want to be and then suddenly i do not want to be.But one thing is for sure that i got some fond memories and some nice friends from the city.I always thought we Indians are very superstitious but i was sooo sooo wrong. I came across some stories and myths which made me say aawwww …. do people here really believe this???

Though there are many places which are good to visit in London , but below is my mini list in order of my preference:

1. Tower of London : With Legend of the raven, Stunning jewels, Tower torture and many more stuff to see this is first on my list. It will take around two hours to explore the place.Seeing Kohinoor made my visit just worth it.

2. Tower Bridge: It’s a beautiful bridge and a walk around River Thames and More London was one of my must do things everyday. Do check for the bridge lift timings. It’s quite picturesque.But you can surely avoid the Tower Bridge exhibition and may be HMS Belfast (WWII battleship) if you are not much into war history.It will cost you an hour here and there are many eateries  around.

3. Madame Tussaud’s: Oh my my… they have really put in a lot of efforts in making each and every figure. I just enjoyed being there. it will take around 2-2.5 hours here.If its a busy day you might have to stand in queue to click pictures with your favourite stars.

4. Buckingham Palace: A master piece of royal history.Best place to see some famous art pieces.

5. M&M world: Big or small.. sweets are for all. A fun place to be with variety of souvenirs to buy for your loved ones.

6.Theatre: Even if you are not a theatre person, trust me on this and do see any of the popular shows (The Lion King, Les Miserables,Wicked,Shrek..or any other of your interest). The people put their hearts while performing on stage and its an amazing experience.

7.Oxford Street: If shopping is what makes you feel light and happy then this is the place you should go to.But be careful ….you might just spend more than you wished for.

8. Parks: City has lots of beautiful and big parks. I loved visiting my nearby parks and each visit was special doing bird watching.

Hhhmmmm…seems i am missing this place a lot now n don’t think I can write more  😦 … just to end this post with some of my clicks….

150282_4736567385395_1843524019_n IMG_20120610_220614 774531_4813566590327_907974956_o


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