Almond Crush (Badam Sharbat)

“Its easy to start something..but what takes effort is to continue it” ME

Couple of months back i started writing this blog with a determination that i would write every weekend. But last few weekends went really busy and just could not make up to write something.

Today has been equally hectic but writing is something makes me feel good. Here is my favourite crush recipe. Its summer time and something cold and healthy is always on the list .So here you go :


100 pieces of almonds (approx 125 grams)

8 cardamom

15-20 Saffron leaves

450 ml water

1 kg sugar

1 pinch citric acid

Some rose water

1/2 tsp potassium metabi sulphate ( optional for preserving)

How to make it:

1) Soak almonds in water for around 8-10 hours. I usually soak them overnight and use them next morning.

2) Soak cardamon separately for 3-4 hours

3) Soak saffron leaves in rose water for around 1 hour.

So I mostly work it out like this… if I plan to make the crush in morning, then i soak the almonds at night. Then early in the morning i soak cardamom. And lastly when i start making this i soak saffron leaves.

4) Now peel all the almonds ( we want only white part of the almonds and remove the brown covering from it). This is that part that takes most of the time as one has to do it manually .

5) Peel the cardamom also and take out the black seeds.

6) In a mixer make fine paste of almond and cardamom together. Use little water at a time and keep the remaining water aside.

7) Make sure your paste is very fine. This might take around five to ten minutes depending on the mixer.

8) Now take a big deep milk pan.

9) In this pan put your paste, sugar, whatever water that is left out  ( after making the paste) and citric acid.

10) Put it on a low flame till the sugar melts and it turns into a sticky syrup.

This step is quite important as over cooking will lead to lot of crystal forming after cooling. To test if the syrup has cooked well or not you can do the plate test. Put a little syrup on a plate and slightly rotate the plate. The water should not run separately from the mixture. It normally take around 15-20 minutes to get that consistency on low flame.

11) Once its done add the saffron leaves and on high flame cook for 30 seconds or so.

12) Now we want to cool this syrup . So for this take a deep dish in pour some water in that.

13) In the water keep your milk pan and with continuous stirring let the syrup cool down.

14) Once it is completely cold you can add preservative to it and mix throughly.

15) This is good to store for 2-3 months in fridge and upto 1 month in shelf ( without preservative)

16 ) Store it in a clean bottle ( preferable wide mouth)

I never use preservative as i store it in fridge. The only drawback of this is sugar gets crystallised a bit. And that’s why i use wide mouth bottle so that I can scoop out syrup with the help of spoon if needed.

How to use it:

It tastes best with milk.

For one glass of milk shake, take 3/4 glass of cold milk , add around 2  tsp ( or more as per your requirement of sweetness) and mix well in a mixer.

You can also use it with water .

Also this can be your topping for ice cream or pancake.

Serve your loved ones goodness of almond and milk in a chilled way 🙂


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