Kunj’s Birthday Bash…..

Birthdays are fun…especially when it’s of your near ones.

My lil champ turned four recently and that surely called for a celebration. With his closest of the friends, food , music and dance the evening was full on.

I always wanted to celebrate his birthdays at home. Because they are most comfortable in a known surroundings and its easy to keep an eye on all of them. But this at the same time calls for a lot of preparations and planning.So here is what all went into planning and executing:

1) First and most important part was decoration and making ample space for kids to play. This called for removing any unwanted furniture temporarily. And decorations is the most tiring and time consuming stuff…. so i just outsourced it. The person came with all party balloons and ribbons and house was all set in just under 60 minutes.Isn’t that good.

2) Good food is what we look for in a party. So there was varieties of snacks and cold drinks. I think next time i will replace all aerated stuff with juices.For main course there was Idli and garlic bread ( Thanks to Dominos šŸ™‚ ) and ofcourse CAKE.

3) I bought some rotating lamps and the whole room was turned into a dance floor in less then a minute. Kids were dancing like crazy on YO YO Honey Singh’s track…. and they just din’t liked the idea of mom’s dancing with them … that was bit selfish of them šŸ˜¦

4) And now it was time to say good night and yes kids were waiting for return gifts. Since the time i bought the gifts i was very suspicious if kids would like it or not. But to my surprice as soon as they saw the gifts all kids said in chorus WOW aunty is going to give us plants!!!Their big eyes and smiles made me feel so pleased.

Thanks to all who came or wished in any ways and made his day much more blessed!!!


Dance Fun 3

DanceFun 2

The Jerry Cake..

Return Gifts


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