Go GOA!!!

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Slowly see the rising sun,

Making water glitter like diamond.

Cool breeze and salty water,

Stretches of sand everywhere.

Tick- Tock ,Tick-Tock,

It’s only noon….

And the sun still feels sooo cool!!


Some sea side shopping…is all time nice,

With some enticing meal alongside.

Watch kids play happily in the sand,

Making castles and some racing tracks.


Hey wait…its still not the time to go…

Stroll on the seashore, with your love,

Hand in hand….when silence said hundreds of words.

And some sand between your toes,

Surely takes away all your woes.


Stand in the water and watch the Sun set,

Will make you take  some extra breath.

Giving the sky such beautiful hues of red,

Slowly turning all in black….

Its Dark but not sad,

With Full Moon smiling from above ,

And candle lit tables with Christmas Songs.


Waves coming with a new force now,

Roaring when it touches the shore.

Every wave made me think more,

How can one be so calm at heart,

And still be so strong !!

Its such a delicate balance,

A blissful heart and sapient mind.

With this thought I end my day ,

Wishing to come back again.


Being a beach lover…every time to detox I cannot find a better place than beach.Beach for me is like Peace and Paradise.And when its Goa its surely gonna be a notch higher.

Goa is a place of two extremes… North (loud, happening,music,markets,churches,casino,pubs…and alot more) and South (Sea and Sand).Without a second thought I opted for the South Goa and the experience was just amazing.I stayed on Utorda Beach…with not many travellers around  made it quiet and relaxed place which I was looking for.Also there was sufficient amount of food options and other beach activities available.

I did some beach hoping..but found the beach I was staying at to be the best. Though I dint go till Palolem ( and this is still in my bucket list along with DudhSagar Waterfall).

Besides this I went to Sahkari Spice Farm and it was a decent experience too. But if you want to go away from city life and just wish to relax then nothing is better then Sea , Sand  and King’s Beer 😉 ….. and if you agree ..do share !!!





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