Mental Support vs Financial Support for the child

Parent’s mental support to a child is more important than financial support:

Every generation has its own challenges and luxuries.Many of us must have heard stuff like “We never paid so much attention to our kids and see they are still doing well” or “You are being too possessive for your child” or something else on similar line. But it’s time to understand that things now are lot different than what it used to be when we were growing up.And though changes are there in every generation, but this time the gap is much more due to many external factors and kind of exposure every one has.So some reasons why you should be there for your kid more now:

  1. No siblings: if you follow DIOK, ensure you fill this missing piece of sibling as much as you can.
  2. Confidence: Feeling and knowing that you are around makes the child confident.
  3. Needs vs Demand vs Time: With the vast exposure to technology there is no end to need and demand. Need is not limited to food, water and shelter. Demands too have no ending. But Time surely has. Do give it at the right time.
  4. With growing number of cases around depression and extreme behavior it is important that we make sure there is no lack of mental support in initial years. This will definitely help them to cope up in life.

Saying this, the need of hour has changed in raising a child and role of parent has grown many folds. So hold your little one’s hand and let him explore the world by himself.

Happy Parenting!!



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