Monster Bash…Boom Boom Turned 5!!!

A glimpse fifth birthday party of my son…

I have been excitedly waiting for this day.Yes for my lil monster to turn 5!! And of course I had some plans for him and really really wanted that things fall in place.For any get together big or small, a proper planning is must.So a lot did went in for this too.From normal stuff like venue, food,decoration,cake,return gifts etc to that last kick of uniqueness. Till now on all his birthdays I always wanted to have something unique for kids, which they can really enjoy. So birthday games was a big no no for me.Then what…there were loads of ideas like pottery, magic show , dance session, painting.etc. But I am happy that I finalised Djembe Session (drum activity) organized by Taal Inc. These guys were just fantabulous at their work.This 45 minute session did exactly what I wanted….kids occupied with learning something new while enjoying at the same time and  grown ups getting time for chit chat.

Then it was time for the cake cutting….yummy cake made by a friend and entrepreneur Navpreet (Cake Cloud).

As always the return gift included a plant with some brain teasing puzzles this time.

All in all it was just a kind of party that I was looking for. And I really want to mention that after the party my lil one went to his Dad gave him a cuddle and said “Thank You Papa” . Also he said to me “Mumma mujhe bahut achha laga mere birthday per” (Mom I really felt good on my birthday) and “Tum bahut pyari ma ho ” (You are a sweet Mom) 🙂 .And I must say those two sentences have made everything worth it…just loved listening it…..

A special note of Thanks to my wonderful family and friends who just made the evening all the more beautiful with their presence.

And yeah how can i forget this poem written by me and given as a return gift…


Dear Mommy and Daddy,

I am a part of you,

But I am not YOU.

Then who am I???

I am a little chrysalis,

Exploring and growing.

Don’t give me so much comfort,

That I forget my wings,

Don’t push things so hard,

That my wings get crush.

Be there in spirit and in real too,

And see me flying high.

I might not become the person of your dreams,

But with you on my side I can one day become a man of my dreams….

Your’s loving Kiddo





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